Spider Plant Benefits

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1.  Spider plant benefits for human health

1.1 Physical health

Spider plant cures coughs and colds

In Chinese folk remedies, the extract of the spider plant is used to fight bronchitis and other respiratory-related diseases. Spider plant extract will help patients relieve cough and relieve symptoms of chest congestion.

It keeps our liver better

Spider plant root extract was used to study hepatoprotective activity. Its extracts reduce the inflammatory process of the liver and improve the disease condition. This conclusion comes from traditional Chinese medicine, but we still encourage you to seek medical attention instead of self-medicating.

Spider plants can improve your sleep

Orchid has the ability to absorb carbon dioxide and all toxic gases at night, so it is very suitable for placing in the bedroom. In the leaves of orchids contain chlorophyll, only one orchid plant, in about 24 hours, can absorb 80% of Formaldehyde and 95% of CO2, Benzene, Phenyl ethylene emitted by printers and copiers.

Besides, it also has the ability to absorb nicotine in cigarette smoke and computer radiation. Thanks to its ability, Orchid has turned carcinogenic gases present in the air, such as Formic Aldehyde, into Amino Acids and sugars. Therefore, growing a spider plant indoors will help improve indoor air quality regardless of night or day.

Some other health benefits of the spider plant

Not only does it help fresh air, but it also turns carcinogenic gases in the air such as formic aldehydes into sugars and ammonium acids. The stem of Lan Chi can be used as medicine, has the effect of clearing heat, detoxifying, nourishing the lungs, eliminating swelling, and spreading inflammation. Using crushed stems, applied outside the wound has the effect of healing the wound.

1.2 Spider plant benefits for spiritual values

Spider plant benefits feng shui

According to the concept of the East, the spider plant plays a huge role in influencing the feng shui of the house. Spider plants growing green all year round means that homeowners always have advantages in business, promotion, and good luck. Spider plant has luxuriant leaves, gives birth to many branches with feng shui meaning symbolizing sacred motherhood, a family with many children and grandchildren living in harmony and happiness.

Spider plant grows quickly, long green leaves show mastery, quick to grasp the times to succeed. In addition, if you place this spider plant at a store, cafe, restaurant, etc., it will attract good fortune, which is very popular with businesspeople. Spider plant is also given as a gift with the meaning of wishing good luck, wishing that person life without worries, a life that is always happy, peaceful, and optimistic.

Spider plant benefits for indoor decoration

Spider plant with the beauty of simplicity, lightness, and fresh green color, combined with being very easy to grow, makes this a suitable plant to decorate the living room table, bedroom TV shelf, table. work, bookshelves, …

A spider plant in the pot and then is hung in front of the window, very fancy decoration on the balcony. There are two types of orchids: long leaves and short leaves. Usually, short-leaved orchids are grown in small pots placed on tables or planted in pots as ornamental plants.

Spider plant helps us live healthier

Having more spider plants in the house contributes significantly to protecting the health of everyone in the house. Looking at spider plants also helps us relax more, after the time you are exhausted, with tired eyes and a heavy head. Not only that, but spider plants also contribute to increasing the humidity of the indoor air. As the air humidity increases, substances such as dust or pollen will be significantly reduced. It helps us avoid allergens. Many studies suggest that phytoncides in the air are released from plants. It helps boost the human immune system, making us healthier.

Caring for plants helps you relax, lowers heart rate and blood pressure. From there, it will help you reduce mental fatigue, be more excited, happier. The green color helps you relieve stress for nerves, reduce fatigue for eyesight. Blue also creates a state of relaxation, relief, and comfort, cooler than other colors.

2.  Spider plant benefit for daily life

2.1 It’s easy to grow and to care

For those who do not have much experience in plant caring or those who are busy, caring for and growing plants is a bit difficult. However, spider plants can pretty much grow on their own without meticulous care. It easily adapts to different climatic conditions. Even if left alone for days, watered too much or too little, they can still live.

Spider plant is a shade-loving plant, so it is very suitable in every air-conditioned school, closed room. The domestic spider plant used to display on the desk is easy to care for. Just provide enough water, keep the water level always flooded the roots, change the water every 2 weeks and change the water, wash the roots when the water in the pot turns steamy. Spider plants are easy to care for and grow well in the office environment, so they are suitable desktop plants for office workers.

2.2 Natural purifier of the air

Spider plants are not only easy to grow but also one of the best air-purifying plants.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) tested the ability of three plants to remove formaldehyde from the air, including spider plants.

According to a NASA report, spider plants have the ability to remove formaldehyde – a common household chemical found in products made from wood, plastic, leather, pesticides, etc. It has also been shown to remove harmful chemicals such as carbon monoxide, xylene, and toluene. Besides, according to a study published by NASA, the green color of the spider plant has the effect of increasing memory by 20% and increasing work efficiency by 10%. Therefore, spider plants are very popular as ornamental plants for desks or simply displayed in the office because of this special effect.

3.  Other spider plant benefits

3.1 Spider plant is the edible food

An interesting fact that many people may not know, but the spider plant is edible. Especially for cat owners, you’ve probably seen your cat graze on an appetizer before you can even prepare food for him.

As a non-toxic grass, even for children, the spider plant actually creates a good environment for babies because it improves the amount of oxygen in the house and helps them get closer to the environment. Spider plants are even used to decorate or as ingredients for some dishes.

3.2 It’s safe for pets

Before choosing any plant for indoor air quality, it is crucial to know whether that plant is safe for your pets or not. Fortunately, as one of the best spider plant benefits, it is pet safe! ASPCA clearly states that the spider plant is safe for cats and dogs. Also, we didn’t find any evidence of spider plant toxicity to pets in our research.

3.2 Spider plant increases humidity

Spider plants are plants with a high rate of transpiration. It absorbs water through the roots, then circulates the moisture through the stems and leaves. When the water reaches the leaves, it evaporates into the air and increases the humidity. This helps reduce the risk of certain illnesses such as the flu and respiratory illnesses.

If you place the spider plant near an open window, you will see more condensation on the window. Spider plants will do well when the humidity in the house fluctuates between 40% and 60%, which is very beneficial for your home’s atmosphere.

Spider plants often have plenty of shade on the surface to help increase humidity during boiling summer days.

3.3 Spider plant helps increase patient recovery.

According to a recent study, placing spider plant pots in hospitals reduces the stress level of the nucleus. The study also showed that patients who ate spider plants for at least two weeks showed improved mood through a reduction in cortisol levels, a stress hormone.

Besides, the spider plant has many other benefits including reducing stress, anger, anxiety, and depression. This benefit is related to its ability to remove airborne particles and absorb carbon dioxide.

If you have elderly people in your home or people with a history of underlying diseases, planting spider plants is extremely reasonable. It not only helps to relieve the psychology of your family members but also helps them have a better spirit to help them continue to fight the disease.

A small potted spider plant could bring positive energy to the sick in the house.

3.4 It can remove airborne irritants

Spider plants also help remove airborne allergens including dust mites, pollen, pet dander, and mold. When these allergens are removed, they will no longer cause harm to humans. In this way, the spider plant acts as a natural air purifier in the home but is extremely economical.

3.5 Spider plant has the ability of ozone absorption

Breathing high concentration ozone gas for a long time will be harmful to human health. If ozone is absorbed into water droplets, then breaks down, it is no longer harmful to humans.

Thanks to the metabolism through the leaves, as well as the porous structure that allows for gas exchange, the spider plant can absorb ozone. However, ozone causes brown spots on the leaves of plants, reducing the ability of the leaves to photosynthesize.

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