Hanging Spider Plants (Complete Guide)

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Not only are spider plants one of the most popular house plants, they are also a house plant that you often see hanging inside and out. Let’s take a look at why they are so popular hanging plants and if it is good for them.

Do spider plants do better in hanging baskets? Spider plants do great in hanging baskets. Hanging baskets allow the long leaves of spider plants to hang unobstructed. This prevents the leaves from getting smashed, bent or crushed as they sometimes do when the plant is on the ground.

Spider plants, with their beautiful lengthy thin arched foliage, thrive well on the ground. With only a little attention, they grow beautifully on any pot or plant patch.

But would you believe me if I tell you that it’s better to hang them?

Aside from the ground, spider plants also do well in hanging baskets. Putting them in baskets and suspending them in the air won’t affect their growth.

Benefits Of Hanging Spider Plants

How does hanging work for spider plants anyway? Hanging won’t damage the spider plants. The only thing that you have to worry about is a gush of strong wind that might damage the leaves if the plant is outside. However, if the plant is indoors then this will not be a problem.

You also protect the spider plants from ants and worms. These pests can’t infest the roots because hanging keeps the spider plants off the ground.

They will look more beautiful too if you choose to hang them. Hanging allows their long arched leaves to fall gracefully. This makes their beautiful leaves look like tendrils that are very relaxing to look at.

The spider plants will also become more healthy when hanged. Hanging allows air to moisten the soil on the basket during midnight and evening and allows the roots to get water albeit in small quantities only. The result of this is brightly colored leaves and high resilience to dehydration.

Last but not the least, hanging keeps the spider plants out of anyone’s way. It protects them from getting trampled, kicked, or played with.

Do spider plants have to be hanging? Spider plants don’t have to be in hanging baskets. As you’ve read above, hanging comes with a variety of benefits for the plant. However, spider plants will do just fine sitting on a shelf or sitting on the floor. What’s most important is getting the lighting just right.

If you keep the right amount of lighting and water, then your spider plant will thrive no matter where you put it.

Can You Hang All Spider Plant Varieties Using A Basket?

You can’t hang all spider plant varieties using a basket. Species that you may hang are Bonnie Spider plant, variegated spider plant, chlorophytum capense ,and chlorophytum bichetii.

The reverse and zebra spider plants aren’t suitable for hanging. These grow large and eventually become too heavy for the hanging basket. Furthermore, they only grow well on the ground.

What Kind Of Hanging Basket Should You Use For Spider Plants?

Once it’s you decide to hang them, the spider plants will become very dependent on their basket for proper growth. For hanging spider plants, you can use a rubber basket, wicker, or plastic basket.

Wicker Baskets

Wicker baskets are the best for hanging spider plants. They’re classified into three types; woven baskets, coiled baskets, and twined baskets.

Regardless of the type, all wicker baskets use bamboo, wood splints, rattan, abaca fibers, and palm leaves.

If you take a look at wicker baskets, you will see that they have gaps or tiny holes where air can enter freely and water can easily seep out. These prevent overwatering and dehydration.

However, wicker baskets need a varnish coat to last for long. Without varnish, they can rot when exposed to moisture.

Plastic Baskets

Plastic baskets are made out of polypropylene. These are very common hanging baskets for buildings that decorate their front space with hanging plants.

Some manufacturers make plastic baskets that emulate how wicker baskets look. They do this by adding texture and color to the polypropylene material.

When exposed to moisture, plastic baskets don’t rot. This is one of their pros against wicker baskets. By the way, wicker baskets rot when their coating starts to diminish.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that plastic baskets are perfect. They might have issues too. For example, you might find a piece that doesn’t have a drain hole.

Another issue is about color. As time goes by, plastic baskets’ glossiness fades, and ugly stains will start to appear.

But then again, plastic baskets come in different varieties. You can find many in different color tones and customizations.

Rubber Basket

The last option is rubber baskets. They don’t break when dropped. Get these if you want to own hanging baskets that last for long.

Rubber baskets don’t look very good. However, they will do if you choose to hang the spider plants in a space featuring black and white color tones.

If you decide to use rubber baskets, remember to hang the spider plants in a space that the sun doesn’t shine on directly. But why, by the way? It’s because they conduct heat well, and you don’t want a spider plant to sit on something hot.

What Is The Size of An Ideal Hanging Basket For A Spider Plant?

If your spider plants have just started to grow. a basket that’s at least 30 cm in diameter is ideal.

Get a hanging basket that’s at least 40 cm in diameter if you’re spider plants have grown fully.

In case, you want to know the most popular sizes for hanging baskets as a reference, here they are; 25 cm, 30 cm. 35 cm, 40 cm, and 45 cm.

Know that size is only a fraction of your concerns when choosing a basket. Another concern you need to know is the existence of a drain hole and a hanging bracket or cord.

Flower pots have a hole on their bottom. This is what’s called a drain hole. Hanging baskets must have this too so that excess water doesn’t soak the soil.

On the other hand, the purpose of a hanging bracket or hanging cord is already obvious. When looking for good hanging baskets, go for pieces that use metal hanging brackets or nylon cords.

hanging spider plants

How Do You Move Spider Plants To A Hanging Basket?

Spider plants are not sensitive. Nonetheless, you have to be very careful when transferring them to hanging baskets.

Here’s a quick and simple guide that will quaint you how to move spider plants to their respective hanging baskets with care.

  1. Get a plastic clip ( a large one) and clip the leaves of the spider plants at the base.
  2. Grab one of the spider plants sitting on its pot and hold it sideways
  3. Tap the bottom of the pot until the soil loosens, If the soil doesn’t loosen after several taps, get a garden trowel and pry the soil on its edges
  4. Slowly pull the spider plant by its leaves. Be gentle while pulling so that the leaves don’t get damaged
  5. After pulling, the spider plant will come out with soil still on its roots. Let this be
  6. Get the hanging basket. If you have trouble placing the spider plant inside, trim the soil where it’s growing using a trowel
  7. After successfully placing the spider plant in the hanging basket, water it a bit. This allows the soil, where the spider plant is growing, to quickly settle on the new container
  8. Do steps 1 – 7 for the rest of the spider plants

What Are The Best Places To Hang Spider Plants?

Hanging spider plants beautifies a space, but only if you know where to place them. These are the most ideal spaces to hang spider plants for aesthetics and function.

Your House’s Porch

Hanging spider plants along your porch’s fascia will make your house look more beautiful from the outside.

The additional green color tones will make your house look clean and fresh. But remember that this is only the case if you prune your spider plants regularly.

Hang only 3 to 6 spider plants on your house’s porch. Do not plant eight or more. If you hang too much, ants might start crawling along the fascia. Also, the porch will look messy.

Living Room Windows

Many hang spider plants to their living room window to improve aesthetics. However, the ultimate reason for this is air quality control.

Spider plants can boost the air’s humidity up to 5%. Furthermore, they neutralize toxic chemicals such as benzene, trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde.

To make air quality control better, some also opt to put money plants near windows. Money plants cleanse the air well and compliment the look of spider plants.

Garage or In-House Workspace

A garage and in-house workspace can feel cluttered making the air feel heavy and uncomfortable. To provide a bit of airiness, you can hang spider plants.

Hang spider plants on the corners of the ceiling of the garage. On other hand, hang spider plants on the windows of an in-house workspace.

Pros and Cons of Hanging Spider Plants

Pros of Hanging Spider Plants

  • Better for leaves to grow
  • Unobstructed leaves
  • Keeps away from pets and kids
  • Makes area feel larger

Cons of Hanging Spider Plants

  • Limited places to hang the plant
  • Harder to water
  • Harder to move around

How To Care For Hanging Spider Plants?

A spider plant doesn’t need a lot of attention. However, you need put more attention the moment you choose to hang it.

Remember to avoid too much sunlight. That’s why if you decide to hang spider plants in windows, remember to put them on spots where there is shade most of the day.

In connection, hanging on windows that receive a lot of sunlight is fine so long as you put the spider plants down from noon until dusk.

Don’t forget pruning too. Pruning helps the spider plants to keep their shape while hanging. It also prevents the leaves from getting damaged by wind.

Water the hanging spider plants at least 2 to 5 times every week. Also, use a sprayer instead of a sprinkler.

You don’t want to use a sprinkler because it wets the spider plants too much and may cause overwatering.

In contrast, use a sprayer because it only delivers the right amount of water. It also allows you to water the spider plants without causing a mess.


In conclusion, you have a few more benefits for hanging your spider plant than you do for sitting it on a shelf or on the ground. However, you have to do whatever is best for the space you have available.

Keep in mind that while hanging, your spider plant will have longer, straight leaves with fewer smashed crushed, or obstructed areas.

However, it is a bit harder to water a hanging plant and it is a little bit harder to find places to put them and move them around.

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