Bonnie Spider Plant – Chlorophytum Comosum (Curly Spider Plant)

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Nearly everyone loves having a house plant, although some people have better luck with them than others. Bonnie spider plants are one of the most popular varieties available on the market. However, is a Bonnie spider plant the same as a Curly spider plant? Let’s take a closer look.

Are Bonnie Spider Plants the same as Curly Spider Plants? The Curly Spider Plant is the same as the Bonnie Spider Plant. It is a quick-growing rosette-shaped plant, that is usually banded with white in the Summer. The botanical name is Chlorophytum Comosum, and can carry small white flowers, the Curly Spider plant is a perennial.

It is an easy plant to grow both outside and inside, it likes a warm climate, either warm moist or warm dry doesn’t matter it is easy to grow in both places, and we will talk a bit about how to get the best out of your plant.

During the warm weather, your plant will grow quite quickly, and the leaves will become long and strap-like.

Bonnie Spider Plant Growing Conditions

Can Curly Spider Plants Take Full Sun and Light? Although you can plant them at any time of the year they don’t like full sun and do better in filtered light. If you plant them in full sun they tend to brown off a bit.

Can Curly Spider Plants Tolerate the Cold? Your plant will be fine outside as long as you are not in a frost-prone area, They also make an excellent indoor plant and do well in humidity, and would thrive in a bathroom.

How Big Does a Bonnie Spider Plant get? The plant stems can grow up to 60 cms in length and will make an interesting and low-maintenance addition to your garden.

Bonnie Spider Plants Indoors

Your Indoor Curly Spider Plant

Your plant grows from tubers and fleshy roots and will do extremely well in the house.

  • Put it in a hanging basket lined with bark to retain moisture.
  • Indoor plants help to purify the air, so hang a couple in the house
  • If you live in an apartment with a balcony establish a vertical garden to save space, trail your Spider Pants down the wall.
  • Your plant will look its best in Spring when small white flowers appear.
  • It is a low-maintenance plant and once established needs very little care.

Bonnie Spider Plants Outdoors

Your Outdoor Spider Plant

  • You hardly need to water it at all outside.
  • It makes a good plant for difficult areas where nothing grows.
  • If it does burn off in the heat of Summer, just cut it back as it will keep growing.

Bonnie Spider Plant Blooming & Propagation

Does the Curly Spider Plant Flower, and Have Babies

  • Yes it has white flowers
  • In Summer it grows quickly and if outside will cover the earth. It reproduces little spider plants at the end of each stem, and these can be cut off and grown separately by putting them in a glass of water until roots appear, then given to other people to grow. In some places, it grows wild and covers gullies and outdoor areas where the conditions are right for it to spread.
  • If your plant is not growing well give it some liquid fertilizer in Spring and early Summer.

Bonnie Spider Plant Growing

How Fast do Bonnie Spider Plants Grow? If your plant is growing indoors fertilize it with a slow-release fertilizer and it will grow quite quickly. Soon you will find that the stem is around 5 feet long. This rate of growth should be achieved in one growing season, outside it will grow just as quickly with a spread of about 3-4 feet.


  • Your curly spider plant is very easy to grow. Look at the arching flower stem, and at the end of the stem, you will see small plants hanging at the end near the edge of the pot. Cut these off and put two or three in a glass of water on a window sill. They should start to grow within a few days, and then you can pot them in a good potting mix.
  • Also being a tuber, you can separate out some of the roots for planting in potting mix.

Advantages of Planting Curly Spider Plant

  • Planting like this will keep the weeds away.
  • Very low maintenance
  • Low watering needs
  • Your garden will always look green and is easier to care for than a lawn.
  • When you get too many, you can put some into pots for friends.
  • When plants are grouped together, they are less likely to attract pests.
bonnie spider plant

This is a very adaptable plant that will grow in a range of conditions. The plant needs so little attention, that in the right conditions will grow in the wild. In some places it does grow wild, creating a lovely green curly cover in gulleys and bush tracks. The curly spider plant is a very common indoor plant.

Pests and Diseases of Curly Spider Plants

  • Slugs and Snails will attack your plant, especially after rain. To keep them away, mulch around the plant with coffee grounds.
  • In extremely hot weather, the leaves can burn off, so if out in the garden in summer filtered light is better for the plant.
  • If it does burn off, it is not dead, cut it back and it will regrow.

Grouping Your Chlorohpytum Comosum with Other Plants

The Bonnie Spider plant indoors looks better when grouped with some softer less spiky plants. Most foliage plants do better indoors and your Spider plant will look nice grouped with some Peace Lilys, as both plants tolerate similar levels of light indoors. The Peace Lily does not tolerate direct sunlight. Two or three different plants make an interesting display rather than more of the same plants. If you find the room becomes too hot in Summer you can always move the plants around, or even use hanging baskets to save space. Keep a water spray bottle handy so that you can clean the dust off the plant leaves every week.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often do I Water my Curly Spider Plant?

Your curly spider plant does not require a lot of water as when it is dry the roots store a lot of water allowing it to survive without too much watering. If you have indoor plant water it once a week.


In conclusion, Bonnie spider plants are the same as curly spider plants and they are one of the most popular spider plant varieties.

If you are considering getting a spider plant then a bonnie spider plant might be the right variety for you!

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